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Salt River Aviation: APU and Airframe Experts

Click to hide News Bulletins. Click to hide state-specific text. CBRFC on an interactive map. Click to hide station-specific text. Very few places in the world have salt rivers as they do not commonly occur naturally.

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Some very specific conditions have to be in place to make what would normally be a fresh water river salty. It is within this stretch of land that the fresh water becomes salty, which again, is a very rare occurrence not commonly found anywhere else in the world. The tree itself is not native to the land and rather was introduced initially as a way to prevent the top soil from blowing away off the farms of the region. They were also used to help save the Salt River banks from eroding, and strangely, they were also relied on as a means to help prevent or slow down the rate of evaporation of the river itself.

So naturally they are akin to very dry climates, which made them perfect for Arizona and especially to replace the once prosperous forests of cottonwoods and willows that lined the river. The salt is then stored in the trees leaves where it is able to protect the tree itself. As leaves fall off and the wind blows, salt is dispersed around the surrounding land. Since the salt river is lined by Tamarisk, much of that salt falls into the water, making it salty.

At the time when it was being introduced, people thought it to be an entirely perfect idea. The Tamarisk would protect the river from evaporation, erosion, and would help to preserve its banks.

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