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It means you can look at similar books to get a feel for what price is acceptable to this particular market. You probably already know what genre your book is in, so jot that down. Then write down a few keywords that fit your book. For example, you might have a book that fits in the fantasy and mystery genres, and your keywords could be fairies, urban, and supernatural.

First, check on the genres. Go to the Kindle store or the Amazon book store and select each of your genres from the category sidebar. You may have to choose a top-level category and drill down from there to get the one you want. You should see a list of popular books in the category. Open up tabs for some of those books. Again, pick the genre in the sidebar.

The Top list will give you the best-selling books right now. Just like before, open up tabs for several of these books. If the books that come up seem to be similar to yours, go ahead and open tabs for those as well. You can use the page count and review data to help you find books that are similar to yours.

Ebook pricing models

Find books that have similar page and review counts to compare selling prices. You might even want to find the average price of similar books. The paperback selling price will tell you how much Amazon has discounted this book, while the list price will let you know what the retail price set by the publisher actually is. Remember, Amazon likes to discount things, so give them room to mark your price down!

Another tool that can help you choose a good price is research into what readers think is a fair price. Here are four ways to gather that information. The internet is full of articles about the optimal e-book price and what readers will pay. Keep in mind that this is an e-book deal site, so the data may be skewed toward lower prices, but both posts draw from a large sample size, making them decently accurate and worth a read. The first post asks what readers think is a fair price for a novel , and the second asks about shorter books.

Find out what these people think is a fair price. When evaluating the responses, remember that your friends and test readers are probably on your side and want you to be rewarded for your efforts—they may suggest a higher price because they believe you deserve it. Ask yourself what you would pay if your favorite author put out a book the size of yours.

You may or may not need to price lower to break into the market, but this exercise gives you an idea of the maximum price you could charge. What does your price say about you, the author? What messages are you sending with the way you price your book? If your book is a substantial size, such as a full-length novel, you could be sending a message about its value if you price too low.

This is where your research into how books like yours are priced can pay off. Give yourself a reality check. On the other hand, a high price can raise the bar of expectations for your book. Check through reviews of similar books that charge a premium price.

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Ebook Pricing Guide for Different Markets – How to do it right

If you see a lot of reviewers mentioning how much the book cost, take note. You might be able to manage those expectations a little bit by lowering your price. In favor of low pricing is the argument of seeming like a bargain. This is especially true if you have a high printed book price and a low Kindle e-book price.

Look at some similar books and see how the Kindle version is priced compared to the paperback copy. And again, check book reviews on similar titles and see how many reviewers mention buying the book while it was on sale or how much of a bargain it was. That might indicate a market that is out to get a deal. You would be wise to consider setting your price accordingly.

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  6. Finally, a higher price can give your book the perception of value simply by being expensive. Good question! And if you want to do this on your own, you can download this spreadsheet template to fill in with all of those details. I chose to look at the top 20 books in the category, plus five others I chose from the bottom Those books are very obviously aimed a different market than my hypothetical novel, plus most of them seem to be sci-fi romance.

    That leaves us with this chart for science fiction:. For some insight into that, I can sort my spreadsheets by the number of reviews each book has. That would be interesting to check back on a few weeks after I set my list price. Research into existing Amazon books is certainly useful.

    Competence in Social Work Practice: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals Second Edition

    But we also need to think about audience expectations. And while looking at best-selling books on the Amazon charts will give us some details on that, it never hurts to double check with some additional data. This poll asked over 1, people what they think is a fair price for a full-length novel in e-book format. Does that change my research results, though? With that in mind, here are some articles from the Fix My Story archives that can help you start thinking about how to promote your book to the world:.

    Thank you Jordan Smith for a great article. Similar advantages can be found in getting specific with keywords. An extensive list of both KDP keywords and categories can be found here. Opinions differ on the ideal amount to charge for an e-book, and it can vary depending on the author, genre, and format, but generally lower is better for sales, especially since many readers still expect e-books to cost less than print books. Outside the U. However an author prices her books, it is key to be flexible about the number, ready to raise the price at the right times e.

    Of course, writing and publishing an e-book is not all there is to self-publishing.

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    Without the marketing and promotional apparatus of a traditional publishing house, authors must invest a sizable portion of time and energy into getting the word out about their books and connecting with new readers. This should start as the book is being written and edited: Authors should create a professional website and a basic social media presence through which to connect with fans and post updates and information about their e-book and the progress they are making. Authors who find this proliferation of social media outlets too time-consuming or overwhelming may want to focus on just one or two platforms that they enjoy and seem like a natural fit.

    When books are released, authors should announce it on their social media pages and the Book Bazaar section of www. They may consider a blog tour in which they write guest posts or offer interviews to websites that cover similar genres, or self-publishing and e-books more generally.

    Giveaways through Goodreads , LibraryThing , BookBub, or through individual book blogs are an effective and popular way for authors to get the word out about their books.

    How to Price Your Self-Published Book - Indie Author, Bob Baker

    Rather than giving away the entire book through the drawing-style platforms, the e-book format allows an author to also consider giving away a portion of the book—whether the first few chapters of a novel, a summary version of a how-to book, etc. Authors should be sure to include links at the end to where the full-length version can be purchased, and in the back matter include links to their website, social media platforms, and other books.

    In all of this, remember these efforts are investments in a long-term career. Social media and marketing work are as much about selling your new book as boosting sales for your back catalog—and building connections to help your next book succeed. It is for that reason that personality-driven marketing is likely to prove more valuable in the long run than paid advertising.

    While Goodreads, Facebook, and other sites offer affordable ad schemes, these are less likely to give an author the kind of return that an active social presence or live events promoted through Goodreads Events and elsewhere can provide.

    Fix My Story

    While this has covered the self-publishing industry as it currently stands, the industry is constantly evolving and changing. New services pop up continually and established players regularly offer new promotions to make it easier for indie authors to succeed. A number of self-publishing authors also cover the industry, including Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Joe Konrath. The e-book landscape is always shifting and authors who stay current and remain flexible will find rich opportunities.

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